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Tara & Larry at the 3rd Annual Erich’s Cupboard Spooktacular

Our Leads

Tara Pattison

Twitter: @ttwf_bride

Larry Pattison

Twitter: @ttwf_groom

Our Team

Chris Parkinson & Catherine Johnson

Catherine Johnston

Also founder of Erich’s Cupbooard
Twitter: @erichscupboard

At Barton Street Festival

Abby, Emma, & Hayleigh

Our inspirations.

Larry Sr.

Larry’s family has been there every year to help in some capacity on event day which has become one of his favorite aspects of this event. How family and community come together.


We definitely need to get a better photo of Larry’s mom at the event but she always comes out to see what’s happening at the park and then heads back to our house to hand out candy and hold off our crazy barking pooch.


That’s Larry’s sister looking a little dead. She too has been there to support us each and every year.

Tara’s Family

I know we are missing photographs because we definitely have images of Tara’s parents Irwin and Dianne, as well as their friends Burt and Helen, who have been at every Prowl since Tara & Larry met.

They’ve volunteered at the park and then grabbed chairs and filled gaps between homes handing out candy on event day.