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The PDF version of our Mission Vision and Values can be found here.

Entity Name

Kate Andrus Pumpkin Prowl

Year Established

October 2014


Don’t stress it. Change it.


Working together as a diverse community to identify and find alternative solutions to traditional thinking.


Solutions for an alternative world.


  • Reduce conflict and barriers by looking beyond traditional practices
  • Strengthen relationships between community, businesses, and our leaders
  • Provide free and affordable activities and programming to youth and their caregivers
  • Improve Mental Health & Well-being
  • Leave a Positive Social Footprint

Brief Event Synopsis

Pumpkin Prowl is an annual fun day at the park, followed by trick-or-treating through the hosting neighbourhood(s) at participating homes, held on a weekend before Halloween that is decided April of each year.

Population Served

Youth, their caregivers, as well as those in the community looking to volunteer, make connections, and improve outcomes for others.

Most attendees are from Hamilton but there are no limitations as to who can attend.

Niche Market

Although the event is open to all youth regardless of age, it’s original target market was to provide an alternative Halloween for separated families where one parent or family member would not otherwise be scheduled to see the children on Halloween. It has also benefited family members who are scheduled to work Halloween evening or have other prior commitments that night.

Operational Expenses Overview

  • Flyer & Brochure printing
  • Trick-or-treat supplies for all homes
  • City SEAT special event and insurance application  
  • Bouncy Castles x2 (incl. generator)
  • $2M liability insurance 
  • Portable washroom & hand wash station  
  • Misc. supplies, decorations, game repairs 
  • Customized canvas trick-or-treat bags 
  • Generic trick-or-treat bags 
  • Website hosting and URL renewal

   Approximate year-to-year budget: $6,000