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Want to check your answers for the games we included in your Revere Trick-or-Treating packages? Did you miss A Batty Craft with Evie or missed a step? Please find the answers for those puzzles and watch the craft video below.

Made a mistake? Want to do any of the games again? Looking to see what Kate looks like as a dinosaur?

Click here to print any of the pages provided in the Reverse Trick-or-Treating packages.

Word Detective

Crossword Puzzle

Fun Maze

A Batty Craft with Evie

Here is a list of what you need to complete this spooky craft that holds a toy or candy inside.

* Handy tip: If you drop hot glue in the wrong places, don’t worry. You can just easily peel it off when it hardens.

Supplies you’ll need
– paper towel roll
– black construction paper
– pencil
– scotch tape
– toy or candy
– googly eyes
– paper plate (or some for underneath where you’ll be applying the hot glue)
EXTRA – pompom’s if you want to add a nose

Required tools (adult supervision required)
– scissors
– hot glue gun & glue sticks *

We hope you had as much fun with our game packages as we had putting them together, and that you enjoyed crafting along with Evie.

Happy Halloween, Pumpkin Prowlers!


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