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Hello everyone.

So we did a thing and joined YouTube. Both as a way to share some fun videos leading up to our event each year, but also as another social media medium that we can share our October 31st 2020 live virtual event on. We’ll be broadcasting on Twitch, but you will also be able to see us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now YouTube. The best experience will be on Twitch though so we highly encourage you to pop over there on the big day. You don’t need an account to just watch the show. It will be interactive and amazing thanks to the Slough of Despond and Melodic Pixel Media.

Slough of Despond

From 5-9pm on Halloween, we’ll be broadcasting live from the Slough of Despond with so many fun acts from kids entertainers to extremely local musicians, as well as a special guest appearance by Super Hippy from the 70’s kids cult classic, The Hilarious House of Frightenstein shot right here in Hamilton with Vincent Price of Thriller fame.

For now, how about showing us some love and subscribe to our new channel. We are hoping for 100 subscribers by Halloween.

We’ll see you around town while we are delivering our reverse trick-or-treat packages to local kids, and then on the big day itself with 4 hours of original, professional quality virtual television. How cool!

Until then, subscribe, share, enjoy!

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