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Last year, the Beattie family who live fairly local to Belview Park, donated a stack of chips for the trick-or-treat homes and they also surprised us with the donation of a very large stuffed dragon.

As soon as I seen it, I thought about our fierce and fiery community activist, the late Kate Andrus. So, we named her Kate and suddenly the Kate Andrus Pumpkin Prowl had a mascot – a larger than life, bean-filled monstrosity that would at least make a yearly escape from our garage to join the likes of hundreds of Pumpkin Prowlers every October.

I have been wanting to draw the dragon and turn it into a cartoon that we could use in other places to give this cool character the publicity it deserved, so I stayed up until almost 2am putting the finishing touches on this piece.

We have other ideas for Kate the Dragon so stay tuned. For now, here is a little media gallery following this dragon’s history from a photo with Liam who donated Kate, our Abby at the 5th Annual Kate Andrus Pumpkin Prowl posing with her, to the drawn evolution of the cartoon character she has now become.

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