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Every year, we put out a media release not unlike our 2019 example included on our Marketing tab (click here), letting everyone know about our upcoming event.

To date, we have not had the pleasure of any media attention but we also recognize that with anything, this comes from hard work and the reaction to the brand you gradually build.

Last year, a member of our community, Thanh Campbell, did a couple of off the cuff interviews with us that we now also have up on our site, which meant a lot to us both in them being great way to share with others what we are about, but it’s also one of the last videos we have of our late friend who was a wonderful booster and supporter of our event. Those videos can be found by clicking here.

The other day, we finally received our first request from the mainstream media for an interview, which of course sent us all through the roof in excitement that more from within and outside our community would have an opportunity to hear about what we’ve built these past 6 years, our future goals, what this event means to the neighbourhood and our family, and how others can help keep this a free event for youth.

So stay tuned for our first media mention from The Globe and Mail, written by this talented writer (Ben Cohen) who knows how to grab at your heartstrings with stories such as the one linked below.

Thank you Ben and the Globe and Mail editors for taking the time to learn about what we’ve been doing and for helping us spread our voice.

We will post the link to the story on this site and our social media platforms when it’s published, as well as inform you what day it will be hot off the presses.

We’re stoked! Stay tuned.

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