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As we grow and look at larger corporations for sponsorship or apply for grants, it has encouraged us to sit down and think about where we started, how we’ve progressed, where we are today, and where we want to be tomorrow and further into the future

Although Pumpkin Prowl itself is a relatively small once a year event in the grander scheme of other events held in Hamilton and the surrounding areas, you’ve noticed that we have started to incorporate another logo in our marketing materials which symbolizes our desire to do much more in our community than this once yearly event in the near future.

So although these mission, vision, and values are Pumpkin Prowl specific at this time, they have been created with the more encompassing INSE in mind.

I’m sure these will grow as the event and INSE itself does, but it was enlightening to take some time to reflect on what Pumpkin Prowl and our greater goals mean to us, as we expand our role in making this city and it’s surrounding areas one those from all walks of life see themselves in and feel an important part of.

You can find our mission, visions, and values on this page, which also includes a link to a .pdf version as well.

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