Pumpkin Prowl has been a success thanks to all those who have volunteered their valuable time for our cause. We are in need of volunteers every year for many aspects of the planning and event day activities of Pumpkin Prowl. Here is a list of the positions we are looking to fill. Please note that we will also sign off on volunteer hours for high school students for certain positions. 

Open positions:

- share our posts on social media, withfriends, colleagues, grandma, etc.
- put up a flyer in your building, community bulletin boards, etc.
- help us solicit small donations from local small businesses of either candy for participating homes or monetary donations for supplies, prizes, or so we can buy the candy for participating homes ourselves. 
- help us deliver flyers throughout the Crown Point community
- 2 runners on event day to help run any necessary errands
- 2 people to remain at the park while we Prowl the streets and to be there to give out a prize to the kids when they complete the Prowl
- 4 people to run games and 2 to fill in for breaks or to help as needed throughout the event
- 2 people to wear reflective vests for when the parade crosses the street - front and back of parade
- 2 people to carry the parade banner at the front of the line
- a few volunteers to help set up and take down the day of the event
- a photographer/ videographer to help capture the event for future promotional material and our event album
- fresh ideas to help us expand on the event this and every year
_ be a vendor at our pre-Prowl event offering free crafts, games, etc. 
- if you live on the parade route, you can volunteer to hand out candy at your home so the kids can enjoy an alternative Halloween similar to the actual thing. We will supply candy and prizes so you don't have to supply these items for two Hallowens. Click on this URL to see if you are on the parade route.  (Belview between Cannon and Campbell, Kensington between Barton and Cannon, and Rosslyn between Barton and Cannon)

Monetary and Prize/Candy Donations

We have had so much support from individuals and small businesses over the years to keep this a free and sustainable event. Every little bit helps from $5, to candy donations. Every year the generosity grows which helps the event do the same as we have gone from 20 children parading with us that first year, to 80 last year. We continue to add to our pre-Prowl activities and hope to continue to build on this aspect of our event in future years.

Here is a list of the many ways you can donate:

Candy Dnations
Thanks to Vagabond Saints for offering to be a candy drop off location for us this year. They are located at 3 Spring St . Penny Pincher Costumes at 1149 Main St E has also graciously offered to accept candy donations. 

You can also email us at
pumpkinprowl@gmail.com or call us at 905-730-6013 and we can come pick it up from you.

Prize Donations
We also like to offer prizes for some homes to hand out for kids with allergies, as well as gifts (whether little toys or gift certificates), for participating in crafts and games, best costumes, and for completing the trick-or-treating route. Please call or email us if you would like to donate prizes.
 pumpkinprowl@gmail.com or 905-730-6013

Monetary Donations
There are many ways you can donate in a monetary fashion to our cause, including calling or emailing us with your request to donate financially to Pumpkin Prowl. We can arrange to come to you.
 pumpkinprowl@gmail.com or 905-730-6013

We will also be out in the neighbourhood asking small businesses if they would like to support us. Watch for us in your community.

e have started a go fund me campaign to give individuals an easy and alternativeway to support us. If you are a small business, please reach out to us via email or phone instead so that we can give your business credit and share your support on social media and on this website. We love small business and enjoy promoting you as much as we like running this event.

Please click on the go fund me image to access our campaign.

We are including PayPal as a payment option this year once again, to ensure there are many ways you can support us. No donation is too small. By clicking on the Donate button below, you will be taken to PayPal where you can contribute through debit or credit. 

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