What is aPumpkin Prowl?

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Pumpkin Prowl is an alternative or a second Halloween. It was created for a specific need but in the end, any and all are welcome to attend.

Whether it's parenting time sharing for separated families, work schedules, or other reasons one parent isn't able to spend Halloween with their child, grandchild, niece, nephew, etc., Pumpkin Prowl is a fast growing alternative to the big day itself.

Pumpkin Prowl is held either the 3rd or 4th Saturday in October (date announced no later than April 1st each year). We start the evening off at Belview Park where we play games, do crafts, and enjoy other entertainment before finally heading out into the local neighbourhood to knock on participating house doors just like it was Halloween. 

Our awesome neighbours have been opening their doors twice a year these past few years to help us provide a Hallowen-like experience for adults and kids alike. We walk in parade fashion, and have been blessed each year to be joined by a special super hero courtesy of Penny Pincher Costumes Inc., who leads the charge throughout the entire parade route with us.

Houses that wish to participate along parts of Belview, Kensington, and Rossylyn, between Campbell and Barton, post the flyer we hand out to them in their window with the pumpkin side showing, to let trick-or-treaters know which houses to knock on. We supply the candy ahead of time so homes aren't expected to provide candy for two Halloweens. This candy is sometimes donated by the home owners, and the rest is courtesy of our very giving small business community. 

Trick-or-treat bags are supplied for all kids, and every child gets a prize for taking part in the park activities and another one for completing the parade route. 

For participating homes, all they have to do is be home between 6pm when the parade starts from Belview Park, until one of our volunteers let's them know that the last child has visited which would be 8pm for the last home on the parade route and around 6:15pm for the first house on the parade path. See the event listing page for more on the current years event including a link to the parade route map.

Pumpkin Prowl started with 20 kids in 2014, and has doubled each year with 80 kids in attendance last year.

Every year more and more vendors come on board and the monetary and time donations also continue to amaze us.

Our kids help us deliver over 1,000 flyers throughout the community, dressed up in costume and arguing who is going to deliver to which house. It's a lot of work each year but how this has brought our family and the broader community together is worth every minute of planning.

We are always looking for suggestions to make this event even better. Hosting this event has opened our eyes to the passion for Halloween in our community. It seems there can never be enough opportunities to get dressed up and let our imaginations run wild.

Happy Halloween from your Pumpkin Prowl team.

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